Coaching Clinics and Lightning Talks

With this year's sell-out Conference kicking off on Monday, we have a packed Programme lined up for all attendees.

We now also have more details of the Coaching Clinics (Monday at 2.40pm and Tuesday at 2.00pm in Oceania Innovation) and Lightning Talks (Monday at 2.40pm in Amokura Gallery and Tuesday at 2.00pm in Oceania Relevance).

Coaching Clinics

The coaching clinics give attendees the opportunity to benefit from free help from experienced coaches/practitioners in Agile, Lean, Testing and DevOps. Volunteer coaches are recruited from the audience with attendees signing up for quick-fire, 15-minute sessions with these coaches. It’s a great opportunity for people to meet and learn from each other. Sign up near the ice-cream stand or just pop along to the sessions.

Thanks to Kasturi Rajaram and Xiao Zhang from Assurity for organising the clinics.

Lightning Talks 

Lightning Talks (aka open space sessions) give us the chance to generate great topics on the fly based on any questions you have, what you've discovered at Conference or what you think would make for an interesting topic. Come along, generate an agenda, get into groups and have a quick, valuable discussion while learning from others and sharing your own ideas. Since each slot is covered at lightning speed, this is an opportunity to hear many different ideas in a short period of time. Come, participate, learn and share.

Have a great time at Conference! We look forward to seeing you there. 

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